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Welcome to Empowerment Solutions! The problem solving front-runner for thought leadership, team-building, coaching and consultation for your organization or small business.  Increase your companies bottom line, retain star employees and grow your clientele with customized solutions that fit your business needs and budget.  


Planning & Solutions Management

Empowerment Solutions provides customized training, coaching, business development services and solutions management  designed to take your company, small business or new venture to the next level. The right systems and processes implemented in your business will strategically scale up your business acumen, creativity and profits.


Service and Reliability


There are so many things in business we wish we could correct, do over or simply just get help. Let Empowerment Solutions help spark new creativity and vitality into your business!  Expect Service Excellence, Reliability and Security with First Class Attention.  Your company deserves the best!



Career Coaching

Empowerment Solutions provides proven business strategies, creativity workshops, training seminars and coaching calls to strategize how to increase your business momentum, eliminate corporate head-hurters, minimize pitfalls, improve efficiency and increasing revenue.


Reputation & Solutions Management

There are keys, proven strategies and effective concepts that will build your business reputation and solve the corporate cultural problems that linger in your organization.  With more than 25 years of experience in reputation and brand management, risk analysis, query response, press release and marketing management; let Empowerment Solutions handle all of your public relations needs.



We offer a diverse portfolio of team building, training and leadership development programs and activities for large and small teams.  If your company is looking for onsite training, outdoor picnic/type activities, ice breakers or a simple evening of fun, creative activities to build team camaraderie, we have a curriculum that will challenge and recharge your team.  


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